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Best Yoga Trainings in London

For a comparable price to local training, you can immerse yourself in our Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training at all-inclusive resorts in Costa RicaThailand or Bali!
At Sama Yoga House we bring together globally recognized, top-tier yoga instructors to create immersive and transformative yoga training experiences.
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TriYoga Yoga Teacher Certification

TriYoga offers comprehensive training as one of the leading yoga schools in the UK. Whether you are just starting your journey to become a teacher, seeking to enhance your teaching skills or simply wishing to develop your personal practice, TriYoga`s teacher training programs will provide you with the tools to improve your practice and teach authentically.

The training lasts for six months and consists of 28 tuition days delivered through 6 modules. The first module will be 4 full days and the following weekends will be running from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

The final module will be made up of a 9-day intensive and an assessment weekend. On successful completion of the training, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour RYT.


The Life Center: Yoga Campus

Yogacampus yoga teacher training is one of the most popular Yoga Alliance-approved training in the UK. Their approach is non-dogmatic and still authentic, giving everyone an opportunity to find their own path.

The basic approach to training great yoga teachers is that you are allowed to find a unique combination of a scientist, an artist, and a spiritual guide within yourself. Rather than focusing on any particular style of yoga, this course draws on a range of leading teachers from a variety of yoga traditions for you to experience enough options to find what resonates with you the most.

This non-residential training runs over an 18-month period with 12-weekend workshops and one 5-day intensive. By the end of the course, you will be able confidently to convey your own experience of yoga’s transforming power to your students with ease and confidence.

Elton Yoga

Elton Yoga has a comprehensive course accredited by Yoga Alliance. The prerequisites for this course are having a regular (daily) yoga practice for a minimum of two years – this will ensure that you have the necessary physical stamina and mental discipline to complete the course.

Yoga teacher training is a truly transformative journey where you’ll take your own practice deeper and gain the skills to teach. At this course, space is limited to 16 students so everyone can get as much individual attention as needed. The main modules of the course are the following: the practice of asana, learning how to create a class and adjust posture, yoga anatomy, and yoga philosophy.

The course will last for 5 months and you`ll attend weekend workshops on 14 occasions. The deposit of the course is the full payment in advance, so make sure you have the finances covered before applying.

Lumi Power Yoga Training

Lumi yoga teacher training – as they like to say, is an opportunity to discover your authentic, extraordinary power and through this personal transformation, you will also learn how to inspire others on their own path of yoga. The schedule of this one-month course will consist of a “kick-off weekend” and two “immersion weeks” a few weekends.

Prepare yourself for learning everything about the asana technique including alignment, actions, modifications and assists, learn about breathing techniques and when to use them – or not, and learn about the history and philosophy of yoga.

Many more topics will be covered in a fun environment with lots of laughter. Also, there`s going to be lots of practice, cause the best way to find your feet as a yoga teacher is to actually start teaching. After completing all modules and exams you will gain a Yoga Alliance registered certificate.

The Power Yoga Co.

The Power Yoga Co.`s mission is to train teachers to the highest possible standards so they can offer their students a challenging, safe and fun environment in which to practice yoga. They divide their program into five modules: teaching methodology, technique training, anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy, and the practical aspects of teaching yoga.

These five modules will be taught in two 9-day intensive sessions and at the completion of all these modules, you will have acquired a solid foundation of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to a degree that you feel confident to start teaching.

You will gain a Yoga Alliance approved certificate when successfully completing the course. Students, check this one out, you`ll get a 15% discount with a valid student ID!

  • Price: £2780. 10% off Early Bird, 15% off for students
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Website:
  • Yoga Style: Power Vinyasa

Sangye Yoga School

Sangye Yoga School has strict training that has been planned for students who wish to deepen their understanding of the yoga practice in a closely mentored 5 months program. This 200hr gives you a foundation of yoga principals with a strong emphasis on vinyasa

There are a lot of pre-requisites and requirements from the students on this course. Applicants are expected to have a minimum of 3 years of dedicated yoga practice in order to be accepted to this course. When you apply, first you have an informal interview and you have to submit a written assignment on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Before the course starts you have to complete anatomy modules online and do the pre-course reading. For the duration of the training, you are expected to maintain a daily meditation and a consistent daily asana practice. Sangye Yoga School believes that upon completion of this training all graduates are ready to be the best yoga teachers in the world.

  • Price: £3200 (early bird discount) – £3700
  • Duration: 7 weekends over 5 months
  • Website:
  • Yoga Style: Hatha, vinyasa